Rhadamanthus Lehrer

Rhadamanthus Lehrer is a name with which to conjure.


Rhadamanthus_Lehrer_WH40K.jpgParanoiacally reclusive, Lehrer interacts with his superiors and underlings through a series of trusted servants, Interrogators and Throne Agents. Many of his Acolyte cells are unaware of other cells’ existence, answering to one or more handlers.

Known Agents include:
Asher Novaak

Known Cells:


Next to nothing is known about Lehrer, and though his interests are reputed to be broad, his activities are only whispered. Disappearances, assassinations, interrogations and brutal purges have all been laid at his feet. He is rumored to be the Inquisitor who ordered the Exterminatus of Tygress IV, though this is unconfirmed.

Rhadamanthus Lehrer

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