It is the 41st Millennium…


The God-Emperor reigns, eternal, upon the Golden Throne of Holy Terra: the savior of humanity and master of ten million worlds. Called the Carrion Lord by the heretic and the apostate, the God-Emperor projects the astral light of a beacon in the Void, the Astronomican, for which the souls of a thousand psykers burn every day. At every side, the alien, the Daemon, the rebel, and the witch beset the Imperium.

As an Acolyte of the Most Holy Inquisition, you are a chirurgeon of the body politic, excising the cancers of heresy and incursion, staving off the many threats against the Imperium of Man. You will engage heretics, confront aliens and hound witches. You will face Daemonic possession, and battle for your soul, psyche and survival amidst a tangled web of conspiracy and betrayal.

The greatest adversary is your fellow man. The fertile soil of the human heart often sprouts radical thought, corruption, and damnation. Your duty is to prune away the rot, tear up the roots of darkness, and shape the growth of Humanity – with blade and fire where necessary.


Blood and Reign

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